FAQ's & About Foddy

What Does Foddy Stand for?

Foddy is an Acronym "For Our Day Dreaming Youth" This is place for Dreamers. We are all people and there is very little separating us from our wildest dreams. You can do anything.  

What is Foddy?

Foddy is a creative outlet for individuals with dreams bigger than themselves. Foddy is based in Indianapolis, Indiana hoping to give the Midwest more respect in Streetwear. Foddy accepts all with the main goal to keep you fresh & cozy year round at a reasonable price. Keep up to date with drops by following @foddy317 on Instagram. 

How is Foddy made?

All designs are unique & original. Designs include original photographs and original art. These are then engineered into digital formats, blanks are ordered from various and suppliers and are decorated in Indianapolis using either DTG Printers, Vinyl or Embroidery.  (PS we are always looking for creative individuals) DM @Foddy317 on instagram to work with us. 

What is sizing like?

We recommend sizing up for hoodies, going true to size for crew necks & tees, for Baggy Sweats size down. 

How do I purchase?

Feel free to use the website to shop for lower rates DM @foddy317 on Instagram. Foddy also has Pop-Up's and events. If you want a Foddy Booth at your event DM @Foddy317 on Instagram

How do I care for my Foddy items?

For longevity of Foddy products we recommend those with graphics on them should be washed and dried inside out. When using your dryer always take the lint out before every Dry Session to prevent lint from building up on the hoods.

What if there are no items I like or I have an item idea?

DM @foddy317 on Instagram. Foddy is for all and we hope everyone can find something to fit their desires. If there is nothing you like, you are not alone DM a design idea you would like to see. Customs can be made on an individual basis & if the design pops maybe it will be added to the Foddy Collections.  

Can I work with Foddy?

Foddy is looking to expand rapidly. This a place of crazy ideas. Foddy needs supporters in every facet. Weather its back end technology, designers, supply chain specialist, Photographers, Sales, models, content creators, social media experts, video creators this is just the beginning and if you love Foddy there is a place for you. 

What is the Return/Refund Policy for Foddy317?

All sales are final. Feel free to contact prior to ordering for sizing information to fit your needs. 

If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason please reach out to @foddy317 on Instagram or email foddyCEO@gmail.com and we will make sure to make the situation right.