Streetwear is Back in Trend

During the 90s, a casual style called streetwear emerged and quickly spread throughout the continent. From New York to California, it spread due to its inclusive nature. It consists of elements from different styles such as sportswear, punk, Japanese street fashion, and Skateboarding. Even though decades have passed, streetwear is still in the rage. So let's see some integral parts of streetwear that you should be definitely rocking this season.

Embroidered Beanie

Beanies are the most iconic headwear ever to be worn. However, the headwear for cold weather is not widely used just for its practical benefits but also for making a bold fashion statement. Beanies are versatile, and they can be worn with anything, be it an overcoat or a plain tee; embroidered beanies look good on everything and everyone. This is especially great for people who prefer to experiment with their style and traverse into different fashion styles. So let's see how you can find the best embroidered beanie perfectly suitable for you.

  • What makes beanies so impressive is the variation in styles available. This is good since people have different face types, such as round, oval, square, etc. Hence, there is always a style that fits perfectly for everyone. For example, a beanie without a turn-back cuff is perfect for people with square and round faces.
  • There are countless embroidered beanie styles, such as cuffed, fisherman, bobble hat, baggy, commuter, etc. Each kind of beanie can give a whole new look to your outfit. So, if a bobble hat beanie is not looking good and complimenting your outfit, instead of giving up the idea of wearing headwear altogether, you can try a different type of beanie like a cuffed embroidered beanie.

Hence, we see why beanies can be a great addition to your wardrobe this season. Make sure to check out exclusive Foddy beanies.


Let's get something straight right off the bat. Even though hoodies express youthfulness, they are not just for teenage boys. Hoodies can be worn by people of any age or gender since hoodies are the most iconic clothing item in modern urban culture. So, let's see why you should Get Foddy Cloud Logo Hoodie Online

  • Hoodies are suitable for every occasion. A casual trip to the mall? A night out with your friends? A workout session? Hoodies can be worn to all these events and much more. This broad applicability of hoodies makes them vital to every person's wardrobe.
  • Hoodies are cool for a reason. They come in different prints with excellent graphics, like the Foddy cloud logo, that can easily captivate any passerby's attention. These also make hoodies preferred by people and companies who want to get their word out in public. People can also use hoodie graphics to express their interests, like their favorite TV show. All these make hoodies very popular and why you should get a Foddy cloud logo hoodie online.
  • Hoodies are incredibly comfortable to wear and keep you warm in cold weather. Wearing a hoodie can feel like a hug. Baggie hoodies, which are prominent, can be worn at home as they allow unrestricted movements and comfort.

So we see why hoodies are the preferred choice of clothing for almost all people and why you should definitely get a Foddy cloud logo hoodie online.

Printed T-shirts

T-shirts are unisexual and already the most worn garment, but you know what is even better than a t-shirt? A printed t-shirt like the Foddy's Stop Police Brutality T-Shirt. But why are the printed ones more popular?

Despite the contrary belief, people love sharing about themselves with the whole world. But introverts and people with deficient social skills might have trouble doing so. Thankfully, T-shirts are the perfect tool for people to share their interests and personalities. Printed T-shirts like the Foddy's Stop Police Brutality T-Shirt allow people to express different things like the movement they support, or their favorite TV show, or a quote that explains them perfectly. That's why printed tees have been the latest fad and unlikely to go anywhere soon.

On an important note, Foddy's Stop Police Brutality T-Shirt allows people to express their support for the recent movement against racial discrimination by the police force in the nation. It came as a shock to many people that problems like these still persist in our society; hence spreading the word about the movement and awareness is vital. While there are many ways to show your support, wearing a printed t-shirt that clearly expresses your message might be the most cost-effective one.